Communication through Arts in the twenty-first century has a wider reach than ever before. Once a sign of exalted social standing, art has taken on a new persona that is continuously evolving, its perception shaped by a complexity of ever-changing dynamics.

thestudioArena is a fashion magazine of Transculturation, Contemporary Art, and DIY Culture, that utilizes the latest communication technology to create and document fashion projects for an international audience. Interacting with a global community, thestudioArena uses fashion and contemporary art to encourage awareness of a cultural worldview, improve attitudes towards cultural differences, and develop cultural competence.

studioArena is an online fashion media center dedicated to experimental interactive projects; including films, avant guard videos, and live performances.

16 responses to “About”

  1. Will this address graphic communication’s role in effectively documenting and marketing the objects being presented as well as the people presenting the objects being offered for purchase?

  2. Piper I love the site, the positive attention that you bring to women..detroit..fashion is just what’s needed. Keep up the good work. Peace

  3. This is phenomenal Piper I pray and strive so hard to help create a better image for Detroit fashion arena and seeing this along with other motivated women in the fashion arena I have worked with makes me very proudddddd of my city and this show’s that my prayers are being answered . I can’t wait to speak to you and prayfully work with you on this great Mag.

    Ebony Rollins of (ERollins Group fashion marketing and event firm)

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