Rachel’s Place

You can find my other favorite spot, Rachel’s Place, in Southwest Detroit just North of I-75 at 2124 Pine St. Rachel’s Place is a resale shop that has the best retro and vintage pieces – clothing, shoes, jewelry and more. The owner, Rachel, is amazingly helpful and has great style. You can tell her what you are looking for and she will identify a number of great options. Many times she suggests a style I would never consider for myself that ends up looking awesome! Give yourself enough time to explore all of the rooms and amazing finds. Rachel’s Place has great, ever-changing inventory. Shopping there is definitely a treat.

(313) 964-9008
2124 Pine St, Detroit, MI 48216
Serving Briggs, Detroit and Jeffries

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  • Fashion has always played a leading role in constructing images and meanings during periods of rapid social, economic and technological change. It can act out instability or loss, or it can stake out the territory of new social and sexual identities.
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