Lianne La Havas is set to play Lollapalooza + AfroPunk Festival August 2014

Lianne La Havas interviewed by VV Brown on VVVtv I must say that I absolutely Love and adore Lianne Las Havas! Her beautiful voice, her lyrics, her style! I am so happy that she is gaining the success in her career in a way that is true to her image. I must say That i … Continue reading

What it looks like when a West African female emcee busts into her country’s nearly all-male hip hop industry

Originally posted on: written by: Elizabeth Flock People ask where all the female rappers have gone. Senegal’s Toussa Senerap has a compelling answer: right where hip hop began. DAKAR, Senegal — On the dusty outskirts of Dakar, a young woman stepped onstage, wearing thick dreads and Ray Ban sunglasses. Toussa Senerap looked out at the … Continue reading

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