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  • Gucci Bamboo Sunglasses Made of Biodegradable “Liquid Wood”

    Gucci Bamboo Sunglasses Made of Biodegradable “Liquid Wood”

    by Veronica Crespi Looks like Gucci’s foray into sustainable eyewear was more than a passing fancy. After it debuted a line of bio-based frames synthesized from castor seeds, the Italian luxury house is poised to introduce the first-ever sunglasses made with “liquid wood.” The material, which Benetton currently uses for its hangers, combines wood fibers from sustainably managed forests, lignin from the paper-manufacturing process,…

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  • Tommy Hilfiger Philanthropic “Millennium Promise” Line Eyewear

    Tommy Hilfiger Philanthropic “Millennium Promise” Line Eyewear

    Tom Cruise should ditch his Ray-Bans for sunnies that do more than keep out the glare. After all, his missus is the international brand ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger’s “The Promise Collection,” a range of clothing and accessories that supports efforts to halve extreme poverty by 2015. Together with eyewear manufacturer Safilo, the brand is releasing a limited selection of sunglasses…

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  • Eyewear that Cares

    Eyewear that Cares

    CLEAR VISION Warby Parker is an eyewear company that wants you to do more than just watch. In addition to its “buy a pair, give a pair” credo, the company has partnered with Invisible Children to design a pair of sunglasses that frame the issue of child soldiers in East Africa—literally! SIGHT UNSEEN Kayu, or “wood” in Malay, is the…

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  • Green Eyewear

    Green Eyewear

    FEELING SAUCY Bask in those rays in style with Juicy Couture’s new “Choose Green” collection. Available in three distinctive styles, each bamboo-accented pair is made from 55 percent renewable plant-based plastic. FLY RIGHT MODO has been taking its eyewear to greener heights, so what better style than the aviator to herald this new direction? This classic sun-blocker comprises recycled stainless steel and…

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