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Little Flower Soap Co. handmade body and beauty products from all natural ingredients Made with love in Detroit, Michigan

This past weekend I enjoyed the Maker Fair Detroit at Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. I stopped by one of the vendor tables that caught my attention initially from its very simple and chic display. As i approached, the aroma drew me in: natural soaps in various fruity flavors, chocolate flavored lip balm, pink grapefruit and lavender bath salts in glass vintage apothecary bottles and test tubes, organic muscle balm, get the picture?

What really made me even more excited is that this company is located in Detroit and uses safe, eco-friendly ingredients as well as packaging that leaves very little footprint. When you are finished using the product you can reuse the containers. You can purchase her products a-la-cart or Holly can create convenient bundles that can be customized, personalized, and conveniently shipped.

I’ll definitely be a regular customer of  The Little Flower Shop created by Holly Rutt.

the little flower shoppe

Jenny Rogers wrote:

What inspires Holly when she creates her products? “I am inspired by nature in a big way. Lichens, feathers, nautilus shells, flowers, obviously, but specifically trillium, dogwood, ferns, moss, clouds and the like. I think there is some universally beautiful math equation that we can all agree is easy on the eyes and since when can we all agree on anything? I’m inspired by Therese of Lisieux, The Little Flower, and her little way in her autobiography The Story of a Soul.”

Holly is also inspired by her parents: “My mum made sure that my sister and I felt empowered to do and be whatever we wanted, and then backed it up with an unending stream of support in the form of time and talent. Mum works with me one day a week labelling and packing orders for the Little Flower Soap Co. And my dad who is constantly getting out of his chair to do any little task that will make us more comfortable even though he has had double knee replacement surgery! (heroes).”

Holly clearly puts her heart and soul into what she does at Little Flower Soap Co. She creates some fantastic beauty products and you really need to head over to her site to check out her stuff. Be warned though, as you will be tempted to buy many things from her Etsy shop!

There was a fair (bordering on pale) maiden living with 5 of her best friends so as to save on rent. One of these most beloved kindred sisters knew an epic heirloom soap recipe. I begged her to teach it to me and she did.
As an honorary member of the soap sisterhood I take the craft very seriously. All of the soaps are made using the original tried and true recipes.
To this solid base of soap perfection I have added my very own lip balm, muscle balm, and bath salt recipes all of which are completely natural.
I now work joyfully from my home studio in Detroit, Michigan which is also a floral design business (www.sweetpfloral.com) Both business keep me on the run which is perfect because I have a husband in med school who is always studying.
The business has recently taken on a studio assistant and so it grows. Looking forward to the development of many more amazing body care products in the future.
It gives me great pride to research and develop a truly nurturing and healing collection of everyday items. We have had so much success which I contribute to our commitment to use all the best ingredients in large quantities regardless of the price.
The ultimate goal is not to develop the most affordable line of body care products but the highest quality most useful gems that work so well you can’t help recommending them to friends.

Holly also owns Sweet Pea Floral Designs, and creates floral wedding designs. She is a creative person and decided to use those creative juices in making homemade and quality products for her customers. Visit both of Holly’s shops for more information on her products and designs.

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