Sprout Unveils New Watch Straps Made With Fish Leather

Thar she blows! Sprout Watches is headed for the life aquatic with a new range of timepieces that uses fish skin in lieu of leather. Constructed from the skins of salmon and carp that would otherwise be tossed as waste, the watches are set to make waves at Nordstrom this fall. But landlubbers and vegans don’t have to despair: Sprout isn’t throwing its corn-resin and organic-cotton models overboard anytime soon.

Transform Your iPod Nano Into a Wristwatch With iLoveHandles Straps

If you’re a fan of multifunctional design these clever straps instantly transform your iPod Nano into a wristwatch. Shrinking technology has slimmed the cumbersome iPods of yesteryear into pint-sized media powerhouses, so what better way to display the pace of technological progress than at face value upon your wrist? iLoveHandles’ brilliant watch bands are available in two models. Choose between the candy-colored Rubber Band ($9.95) or the more refined Rock Band ($19.95).

Altanus Introduces “Patch,” the World’s First Biodegradable Paper Watch

Easy, tiger. Put your wrists where we can see them and step away from the Silly Bandz, nice and slow. Geneva-based watchmaker Altanus has a more creative solution for accessorizing with color on the cheap. Its new Patch timepiece, hailed by the almost-centenarian company as the world’s first paper watch, is available in 10 neon colors and a litany of seasonal prints. Plus, each epidermis-hugging watch costs €24, or roughly $33.50 at current exchange rates—more than half the price of a Swatch and a mere fraction of Altanus’ typical luxury chronometers.

Buy a WeWood Watch, Plant a Tree With American Forests

You’re no superstitious kook, but there’s no harm in occasionally knocking on wood, especially if it could keep you from being unfashionably late to an important appointment. Light years ahead in terms of style, WeWood’s luxury wristwatches will put time on your side. The Italian-made timepieces, made from sustainably harvested or reclaimed wood, are a fusion of artisanal craftsmanship and modern technology. But a zeitgeist-capturing sensibility informs the company’s future, as well: For every $119 watch sold, WeWood plants a tree with American Forests.

2012 Collection Best Sellers:

 • 100% Natural Wood  •  Hypo-allergenic  •  Completely free of toxic chemicals  •  Miyota movement
Maple (BEIGE) The wood of this tree is often used in smoke houses and in culinary arts. It’s also used to create many musical instruments like the violin and the guitar.
Red Wing Celtis (BROWN) This tree is often used for flooring and WeWood uses the remnant pieces that would otherwise be destroyed.
Blackwood (BLACK) Blackwood is a hardwood native to Tasmania’s forests and is the perfect timber for delicate craftswork. It is easily worked, very stable and long lasting. Blackwood’s durable seed remains viable for decades, making this delicate timber easy to grow, ensuring sustainability.


wewood DATE series


WeWOOD’s First Style for Women


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