Marilyn Agency: Emanuela de Paula

This post is from a conversation I’ve had with Lala Lopez ( In honor of Black History month I figure I’d address an issue that has always pressed heavy on my heart. BLACKTINO’s phase. I am not sure if I told you this, but From age 2-about 7 I was partially raised in a Puerto … Continue reading

Motown 50th Anniversary / Donayle Luna

Berry Gordy formed Motown on today in 1959! Can you believe Motown is 50 years old?! I decided to dedicate today’s post to Donayle Luna: the first African-American on the cover of British Vogue in 1966. Yes she was from Detroit!!!!!! It was during this time that the idea or concept of Black was being … Continue reading

Q Management: Sonja Wanda

Sonja is from Norway born in Sudan. She has worked in London, New York, Paris, Milan, etc. According to her FMD (Fashion Model Directory) profile, she has been doing shows since ’03. Some of her more notable shows are: Dries Van Noten, Akris, Vivienne Westwood, Alvin Valley, Baby Phat, Fendi, Iceberg, Imitation of Christ, Jeremy … Continue reading

Click Model Management: UBAH HASSAN!

I got a chance to shoot Ubah in my new film. She’s Awsome! They say she’s the new Iman: they both share Somalia as homeland. I can tell you she’s fun, she’s conscious, she has a wonderful personality. I think she should be a spokesmodel for a foundation. She has charm, grace, elegance, yet is … Continue reading

Piper Carter work featured in

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  • Fashion is increasingly a visual part of our global reality. the studioArena explores moving fashion beyond the development of European mercantile capitalism, commodity fetishism, and the politics of production (the way fashion emphasizes consumption at the expense of production.
  • Fashion has always played a leading role in constructing images and meanings during periods of rapid social, economic and technological change. It can act out instability or loss, or it can stake out the territory of new social and sexual identities.