Click Model Management: UBAH HASSAN!

I got a chance to shoot Ubah in my new film.
She’s Awsome!
They say she’s the new Iman: they both share Somalia as homeland.
I can tell you she’s fun, she’s conscious, she has a wonderful personality.
I think she should be a spokesmodel for a foundation.
She has charm, grace, elegance, yet is very down to earth and friendly.
We all know her from “The Italian Vogue” issue shot by Steven Meisel or The new Ralph Lauren campaign, but I am looking forward to seeing her in many many many many many many many many more editorials & campaigns.
She has that “IT” factor.

2 Responses to “Click Model Management: UBAH HASSAN!”
  1. roentarre says:

    Excellent images

  2. PurpleZoe says:

    Peace Queen *_^What film are you working on?Shine on Sisterstar-PurpleZoe

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