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  • Gucci Bamboo Sunglasses Made of Biodegradable “Liquid Wood”

    Gucci Bamboo Sunglasses Made of Biodegradable “Liquid Wood”

    by Veronica Crespi Looks like Gucci’s foray into sustainable eyewear was more than a passing fancy. After it debuted a line of bio-based frames synthesized from castor seeds, the Italian luxury house is poised to introduce the first-ever sunglasses made with “liquid wood.” The material, which Benetton currently uses for its hangers, combines wood fibers from sustainably managed forests, lignin from the paper-manufacturing process,…

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  • Buy a WeWood Watch, Plant a Tree With American Forests

    Buy a WeWood Watch, Plant a Tree With American Forests

    Knock on wood, especially if it could keep you from being unfashionably late to an important appointment. Light years ahead in terms of style, WeWood’s luxury wristwatches will put time on your side. The Italian-made timepieces, made from sustainably harvested or reclaimed wood, are a fusion of artisanal craftsmanship and modern technology. But a zeitgeist-capturing sensibility informs…

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  • Altanus “Patch” Biodegradable Paper Watch

    Altanus “Patch” Biodegradable Paper Watch

    Easy, tiger. Put your wrists where we can see them and step away from the Silly Bandz, nice and slow. Geneva-based watchmaker Altanus has a more creative solution for accessorizing with color on the cheap. Its new Patch timepiece, hailed by the almost-centenarian company as the world’s first paper watch, is available in 10 neon colors and a litany of…

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  • Eyewear that Cares

    Eyewear that Cares

    CLEAR VISION Warby Parker is an eyewear company that wants you to do more than just watch. In addition to its “buy a pair, give a pair” credo, the company has partnered with Invisible Children to design a pair of sunglasses that frame the issue of child soldiers in East Africa—literally! SIGHT UNSEEN Kayu, or “wood” in Malay, is the…

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  • Green Eyewear

    Green Eyewear

    FEELING SAUCY Bask in those rays in style with Juicy Couture’s new “Choose Green” collection. Available in three distinctive styles, each bamboo-accented pair is made from 55 percent renewable plant-based plastic. FLY RIGHT MODO has been taking its eyewear to greener heights, so what better style than the aviator to herald this new direction? This classic sun-blocker comprises recycled stainless steel and…

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