Detroit Rocks The Runway Instructions:

Peace Family!

Please READ ENTIRE Email!!!

Detroit Rocks The Runway @ The 37th African World Festival  



• Please STYLE your outfits completely. This is a huge opportunity to promote your line to thousands of people. Represent your line as finished as possible. Think about accessories when appropriate.

• It is recommended that designers bring 1 assistant each to help keep up with your items.

• Each look should be, on hangers itemized with clear bagged accessories. 

• Inventory check list should be placed on hangers along with bagged accessories. 

• Item details (including shoes) should be printed clearly with sharpies. 

• Please include a pic if possible and attach to the inventory checklist. 

• Each designer should bring a plastic storage container to store items already for the show. 

• Each designer’s assistant should return the completed look to the hanger and check off the items listed.  

• Contact models immediately if any item is not returned.

• Sunday August 18, 11am-6pm is the trunk show where the clothing from this show will be available for everyone to purchase items directly from the Designers that were in Detroit Rocks the Runway. Encourage folks to Stop by our tent inside the festival.



Please check out this link for a great guide as to Professional Industry Standards:

*Please Promote The Show & let people know that the clothing will be for sale on Sunday in a booth.

Also, we are asking any models who can to come on Sunday to hang out with us & model clothing at the booth.


1. Boxer brief in a neutral color like black, grey, or white

2. Fitted jeans in a dark or black denim

3. Please Don’t shave that day Groomer needs to see your skin texture.

8. Water to drink + a healthy snack like fruit to keep your energy up.


1. Come clean waxed/shaved: bikini, legs, underarms, + facial hairs 

2. Wear a tampon if necessary + bring extras

3. Nude colored thong. (nude is preferred, black is also acceptable)

4. Strapless nude colored bra. (nude is preferred, black is a acceptable)

5. Simple high heeled shoe to walk in. (black is preferred, nude is acceptable)

6. Please bring a pair of glam lashes with you the day of the show.

Recommended are: the Ardell Natural lash but the thickest ones they have I’m not sure the exact number on that! Go to (Cvs, Meijer ,Sally’s or any beauty supply store)!

7. Clean face (no make up) Make Up Artist needs to see skin texture, lightly moisturized and Make sure you bring your foundation and concealer with you!

8. Clean Hair (no product) Hair Stylist needs to see hair texture, bring hair pins, hair ties, head bands, brush, comb, and bobby pins with you.

9. Water to drink + a healthy snack like fruit to keep your energy up.



Let’s post our videos, pics, POSITIVE commentary documenting the experiences during the fittings and rehearsals, etc.

This year’s Festival Theme: “This is How We Do It!”

This Year’s Detroit Rocks The Runway Theme: “MELANIN POPPIN’ 

Our Hashtags are: #DRR2019 + #AWF19

Instagram/Soundcloud/Twitter: @africanworld313

Facebook: CharlesHWrightMuseum + AfricanWorldFestivalDetroit

The show is Scheduled for 

Saturday August 17, 2019 





Piper Carter – Fashion Show Coordinator:

James Ambrose – Production Coordinator:

Nina Payne – Technical Production Coordinator:

Maurice Sanders – Photography + Media Coordinator:

Tiffany Stewart + Prestina Glover (Polished Models) – Women’s Walking Coaches:

Howard Slaughter – Production Assistant:

Love Rose – Headwrap Stylist:

Rochelle “Rocie’ Jones – Lead Hair Stylist + Make Up Artist:

Que Jewelz – Lead Fashion Stylist:

Stylez Fashion Show– Opening Directors
Clarice + Chanae:

Worldiction – Scott Mitchell – Digital Media:

Mama Njia Kai – Director of African World Festival:

Ebiyemi Kweli – Communications for African World Festival:

(Tues-Fri 10 am- 4 pm)
315 E. Warren ave. Detroit,MI 48201
313-494-5824 (office)
313-494-5855 (fax) or



Participants are to meet in the Multipurpose Room 6pm-8pm

July 16th

July 18nd

July 23rd

July 25th

Aug 1st Orientation Theater 

Aug 6th

Aug 8th

Aug 13th General Motors Theater

Aug 14th Orientation Theater

Aug 15th


Aug 17th — Show/Performance —  Main Stage




Call Time for Saturday August 17 is 9am for our final rehearsal.

We Must Put this show together so Please be on time.

There is no free parking.

We will have water & lunch at 2pm, but Please Bring snacks. 

Make sure you Bring your Make Up Kit!!!

Also Please be prepared to hurry up & wait all day long as well as try on outfits all day long.

*Tell your guests that this event will be an even better highlight of the year if they come wearing cultural garb & bring a flag celebrating your culture, (Red/Black/Green, or whatever country your family is from).



• The Opening Sequence (TBD)

• Designer Order (TBD)

• Finale (TBD)

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