"My Favorite People" The Exhibition

I was so elated all the wonderful people came out to show support & see something fresh!
Sweetie rocked the house (literally), & MissKo debuted her songs “All Out” & “Stylin”.
I was disappointed nobody got the chance to see the 20 videos I did during the month of October. 😦
But, I did get several offers to do my show again (with sponsorship)! 🙂

I had hoped we could get through all the technical issues, however, Murphy’s Law was in full E-F-F-E-C-T.

& I even got un-friended on MYSPACE.

I tried to smile through it, but I really wanted everyone to see all the hard work had paid off.

I’m releasing the videos online so please pass them around…..
My main focus is to give props to these really amazing people who inspire current & future culture!

here’s the first installment:
the music video I did for Sweetie.

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