Wow! Naeem Khan Autumn/Winter 2012-13 is Breathtaking!


the beach 2011

the beach 2011 by pipercarter featuring metal shades Below my fashion collage is a picture of each item. If you see something you like, just click the image. You will be directed to the site to purchase.

Muslim Chic

Race, Gender, and the Media. I know it sounds like a scary topic right? The best thing that we can do for our society, our peers, and ourselves is to become aware of stereotypes and common generalities that are assumed by the public and what these issues bring to us. “We thought that this shoot … Continue reading


IMG: Austria Alcantara, FRESH FACE

Oh Well, I guess LOSING the Ford Models Super Model of the World contest (SMOW) turned out to be a GOOD thing for Miss Austria Alcantara (formerly known as Austria Ulloa until she landed a deal at IMG!)(IMG is considered the Rolls Royce of agencies. They are an arm of the parent company: IMG World: … Continue reading

Elite Model Management: Diversity within Diversity: Devyn A., Stacy Ann Anderson, Demaris Lewis, Joan Smalls, Yordanos Teshager, & Marie Powell

Ok I have to give it up to Elite Model Management for being the vanguard of the business when it comes to diversity. Ask any model about their (dare I say) “struggle” when it comes to finding an agency. There’s a list of typical “NO” responses #1 being: “We already have a girl who has … Continue reading

Trump Models: Pat Cleveland & Victoria Brito

The other day the whole community was up in arms over a Gawker post about Blacks being the newly fashionable accessory at holiday events. Well, a heated debate about light skin vs dark skin inspired today’s post. The idea of Black is so vast as a concept. Mass Media would have us believe that in … Continue reading

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  • Fashion has always played a leading role in constructing images and meanings during periods of rapid social, economic and technological change. It can act out instability or loss, or it can stake out the territory of new social and sexual identities.