"17" Sweetie

Sweetie’s first music video produced by thestudioArena.com directed by piper carter shot by wesley clouden. make up by Hiyiyatun Muqaribu.Sweetie is an all-girl rock group that blurs the lines of punk, hard-core, & other genres.it’s founding members are Ife Mora & Tecla Esposito.This video is a part of the “My Favorite People” series

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  • Fashion is increasingly a visual part of our global reality. the studioArena explores moving fashion beyond the development of European mercantile capitalism, commodity fetishism, and the politics of production (the way fashion emphasizes consumption at the expense of production.
  • Fashion has always played a leading role in constructing images and meanings during periods of rapid social, economic and technological change. It can act out instability or loss, or it can stake out the territory of new social and sexual identities.
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