color block

color block

By now you should know all about Color Blocking and how to apply it this Summer.Here’s a very simple way to implement the idea while maintaining simplicity.I’m a huge fan of neutrals, grays, and muted colors. On brown skin, neutrals give a very “finished” look. I also love bright colors mixed in to uplift my mood. Accessories are the “key” to seal together an outfit. I prefer delicate pieces around my neck for a softer feel.Flats are fun and comfortable to me and I do lots of running around so I like to be free and easy. I love all the current trends but I think it’s also important to maintain a sense of self. Fortunately for me this season is all about boho chic and ethnic style.

Below my fashion collage is a picture of each item. If you see something you like, just click the image. You will be directed to the site to purchase.

color block by pipercarter featuring a flower brooch

6 responses to “color block”

      • I love the collage and I love the colors! I’m trying to be a little more colorful this summer and a little less conservative. Nice Post

      • Yeah Tamaine. It is possible to include color and keep your conservative look. All it takes is adding colorful accessories like a scarf or a belt or a fun pair of shoes. Also remember that you can pop some color by wearing a fun blouse with your suit.

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