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NABFEME and WOMEN WHO JAM PRESENTS… SISTER’S BEHIND THE BEAT #Detroit at The Charles H. Wright Museum Saturday June 28th, 2014

Grateful and honored to be speaking this Saturday at The Charles H. Wright Museum with all of these Awesome Women in “The Industry” for “Sisters Behind the Beat”.



Featuring Detroit’s Most prominent Women in Music, Entertainment and Business
LAUNCH EVENT for #NABFEME Detroit Chapter and featured panel! PLUS CHAMPAGNE SIP with #NABFEME’S PRES. Miss Johnnie Walker.

Panelist Include:

Toya Hankins, CEO of Project Producers, LLC Manger of Grammy Nominated Star, KEM and NATE JAMES
Monica Blaire, International Performer/Recording Artist/Singer/Songwriter.
Twana Tells, Entertainment Correspondent/Blogger Clear Channel, CEO Twanatells.com
Piper Carter, Celebrity Fashion Photographer/co-Founder The Foundation of Women in Hip Hop
Six Two, Social Events Manager & Promoter, Live Nation
Jana Stewart, Health and Lifestyle Coach
Ebony Cochran, CEO Pure Hair Strands
Bijou Starr, On-Air personality HOT 107.5
London Charles/Deelishis, Singer, Model, Reality TV Star (Flavor of Love)
Sabrina Underwood, Co-Manages Grammy Award winning Producer MrPorter
Saturday June 28th, 2014Charles H Wright Museum
315 E Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 482021pm Champagne Mimosas
2pm Panel begins

Tickets are $20 for panel
Tickets are $25 for President’s Sip
Time 1:00 PM – President’s Sip
Time 2:00 PM – Panel Starts.
Tickets can be purchased at eventbrite.com! This will be a great networking event and you don’t want to miss out!
The City of Detroit birthed R&B/Soul music and introduced it to the
world through Motown Records. Detroit has an unmatched Legacy that has
produced some of the biggest stars in Entertainment. Motown was literally its
own factory manufacturing Artists, Songwriters, Executives, Choreographers,
Musicians, Actors, etc. So, what happened to the Detroit music scene and why
do so many of our gifted Artists move away to thrive and gain notoriety?
While searching for the perfect fit and location for NABFEME (National
Association of Black Female Executives in Music and Entertainment), the
organization’s President and Founder Johnnie Walker, asked these same
questions. Johnnie’s answer was, the talent and music in Detroit remains
supreme, alive and visibly present! The artistic expression in “The Rock City”
is stronger than it has ever been. However, it needs a spark of solidarity; a
vision of execution and the support of collective efforts to unify Detroit’s
Music Community.
We believe partnering with an International Organization to re-brand and
re-build our powerhouse is the perfect start. NABFEME is a non-profit
organization that is entrenched in the essence of education, charity, social
awareness and cultural motivation through the business of Entertainment
and its newest network is Detroit.
We begin our construction with Sister’s Behind The Beat, comprised of
Detroit Women who reign supreme in their respective fields in Entertainment.
They are the industry’s elite because they are powerful, self-motivated and
have thrived in enormous ways, even when the odds and obstacles were
NABFEME DETROIT has created a seminar that recognizes these women,
while delivering the course of action behind their incredible career journeys.
Willing to share what they know so that others may grow…
Sisters Behind The Beat communicates knowledge, desire, passion, power,
persistence and fortitude, which in itself is motivating and inspirational. This
is how we begin to unify our community and spark a flame in our city, while
merging NABFEME with Detroit’s Music Mecca.


Imagine what a relief it would be to have a mentor to partner with and help you create and manifest the life of your dreams? There is life changing power in working with a mentor. Be courageous and empowered, take a step toward working with a mentor for business and for marketing. It can enable massive breakthroughs  and move business forward at a lightening fast pace… a pace that would take years to accomplish on one’s own.


It Starts With Saying YES To Yourself!


Fortunately i was able to catch up withRetired Exec VP of DefJam @nabfemeprez Ms. JohnnieWalker in between her traveling around organizing other NABFEME events across the country to ask her a few questions.

1. I went onto the website and checked out the organization and past events and it looks like a wonderful grouping of people. can you tell me in about a paragraph or so what is special about  NABFEME?

“NABFEME is a collection of creative minds that thrive on progress, collaboration, mentoring and sisterhood.  The organization was created to promote the entry, development and career advancement of women of color in music and entertainment. And while music and entertainment is the core of the organization’s operations… we believe our power circle is enhanced by our outreach and inclusion of women in other professional fields and businesses.”

2. what is your involvement with NABFEME?

“I am the President, Founder and Chief Executive Officer.”

3. what is the purpose of this weekend and why should people attend?

“The purpose of this weekend is to flaunt the vast “power-circle” of women in Detroit!!  We want to energize the city with the collective skill sets that our panelists possess.  And, we’d like to meet Detroit!  Get our feet wet and on the ground in the “Rock City” because we believe Detroit should be the home of our next Women’s Empowerment Summit!  People should attend if they are looking to learn, if they want to connect with like-minded, powerful women in business; and they should attend because they are proud of what Detroit has to offer and the accomplishments our panelists have made.”

4. what is to be expected on Saturday?

“We’ll meet, greet, mix, mingle… share a couple of high-5’s, most importantly… we will LEARN!  And, don’t miss the President’s Sip… I’m pouring the champagne!”

Attention everyone from Michigan, Ohio and all places in between @thisisjoyaofficial and @nabfemeprez have assembled some of the most powerful and successful women in the world of entertainment, music, television, fitness and more in one room for one reason…to share their experiences and knowledge to being successful in Detroit for one day only…June 28th @ 2pm at the Charles H. Wright Museum.  


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