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  • Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk

    Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk

      Carol’s Daughter defines this product as the “original curl definer.” Curly girls’ hair favorite for 13 years, Hair Milk The Original Curl Definer. This quenching, fast absorbing lotion defines, tames and restores luster to natural curls while conditioning. Made with essential oil of Lemongrass, Vitamin C, and Sweet Almond Oil for bouncy, soft, yet completely manageable…

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  • Shea Moisture Organic Curl Enhancing Products

    Shea Moisture Organic Curl Enhancing Products

    What’s in It The ingredient list is long, but not full of harmful additives. What’s not in it is just as impressive as what’s actually in it. What you will get in this product line is: Certified Organic: Shea butter Coconut oil Mango seed butter Plus other good-for-your-hair ingredients like avocado oil, neem seed oil and vitamin…

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  • Qhemet Biologics

    Qhemet Biologics

    Very cool Review on youtube by Beautifully Kinky Ingredients: All natural and ayurvedic ingredients ranging from Amla & Olive to Honeybush Tea and Castor Oil. Products: This line carries hair care products that can be purchased at and

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  • Hamadi Shea Leave-in

    Hamadi Shea Leave-in

    so technically, hamadi is not a new line and nor is their shea leave-in but it may be new on your radar so we’re including it on our new product scoop list. their leave-in is an all organic product with no preservatives and all natural ingredients. so if you are an “o” girl, then you are going to love…

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  • Aveda Invati™ scalp revitalizer

    Aveda Invati™ scalp revitalizer

    Invati is 97% naturally derived and reduces hair loss by 33% in trails. It is specifically for women who are concerned with hair loss, thinning, loss of volume, lack of density and a tight or dry scalp. recently while flipping through glossies while cruising at 30K feet to somewhere…who knows where i was going; i’m…

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  • Style Surfing

    Style Surfing

    Human beings have always used their appearance as personal advertising – a calling card signaling who we are and where we are at. As our world grows ever more complex and fragmented, the importance of appearance grows ever greater: our visible differences and similarities facilitating interaction and relationships. Extracts from the book Style Surfing ©…

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  • Carol’s Daughter Monoi reparing hair mask

    Carol’s Daughter Monoi reparing hair mask

     “Based on independent studies conducted on natural and relaxed hair textures of Latin and African-American participants: 85% experienced an improvement inconditioning, detangling, and combing ability – 96% experienced a reduction in hair breakage and shedding during detangling and styling – 20% experienced an increase in hair strength – Participants experienced 13.3 times the increase in the life…

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