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Aveda Invati™ scalp revitalizer

Invati is 97% naturally derived and reduces hair loss by 33% in trails. It is specifically for women who are concerned with hair loss, thinning, loss of volume, lack of density and a tight or dry scalp.
recently while flipping through glossies while cruising at 30K feet to somewhere…who knows where i was going; i’m loosing track because it seems i’m living on planes these days (lot less fun than it sounds, trust me), i ran across an ad for a new product from aveda, specifically their invati scalp revitalizer. it caught my attention because i love scalp care. there is just something about a healthy scalp that gets me going. perhaps it was because my parents and i struggled with my dandruff as a child, but i always get bright-eyed and intensely interested with scalp products are in my vicinity.
i love aveda products as well as their hair color so i’m not surprised to read that this new invati™ scalp revitalizer is already causing a stir with women who are deep into scalp care as well as ayurvedic care. for some ayurvedic instantly means stan.
Contains densiplexTM-an invigorating blend of Ayurvedic herbs, including turmeric and ginseng. Helps energize and rehabilitate the scalp around the follicles when massaged in. A blend of vitamin E ingredients is proven to help accelerate microcirculation with therapeutic massage. Creates the optimum environment for healthy hair.
the invati™ scalp revitalizer is not the only product on the invanti line. the full line consists of the: invati™ exfoliating shampoo, invati™ thickening conditioner and the invati™ scalp revitalizer.
the newly launched line is getting tons of rave reviews from women with fine, thin hair as ayurvedic herbs have been hailed as products that clean the scalp and hair as well as helping to restore pH balance to the scalp and help stimulate hair growth. what that means in laymans terms is that it does a really good job of creating a scalp environment that fosters hair growth. as always, i my eyes usually glaze over at shampoo because most strip my hair terribly and can be easily substituted, instead i focus on the other part of cleansing and conditioning that puts the icing on the cake – the conditioner. aveda farms their ayurveda organic turmeric from an indian farm called nisarga (which mean “nature” in sanskrit). in invati, turmeric helps to give you thicker, fuller-looking hair.
according to aveda, the invati™ thickening conditioner restores strength and improves hair elasticity, reducing breakage, with arginine derived from sugar beets and soy protein. hmmm, you don’t say? arginine has been proven highly effective in many cases of restoring hair growth. being a medium to thin haired natural (think zoe saldana thickness when straight), this definitely has my interested piqued and i will be picking up some of this aveda invati scalp revitalizer and invati™ thickening conditioner to see if these bold claims really are the business.

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