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Muslim Chic

Race, Gender, and the Media. I know it sounds like a scary topic right?
The best thing that we can do for our society, our peers, and ourselves is to become aware of stereotypes and common generalities that are assumed by the public and what these issues bring to us.

“We thought that this shoot might cause a bit of controversy but we have only received positive responses. We have had a very positive reaction from several Muslim readers, who have written to Marie Claire to congratulate us for portraying Muslim women in such a positive light and for challenging stereotypes. These are women who are proud to be Muslim and do not feel at all oppressed”. ~Sadie Cragg – Marie Claire Fashion Editor

Read NYT Article.

Remember when the burka became a fashion trend?

In my previous post i touched on the idea of Orientalism.

For me, Ethnicity and Culture are Great sources of inspiration, however, as a lover of culture i hope to remain respectful to the culture as well.

In recent years Disrespect has become socially acceptable.

And over the years I have noticed how Ideals and Opinions are hidden and expressed and driven through Art.

I am hoping that the Cultural Inclusion we’ve seen as of late is not just a trend to counter the Anglo Movement of previous decades.

One Reason I Love Fashion Images is that they tell stories in ways imagined by only by the Image Maker.

And Successful Fashion Images have rhythm and symmetry and sing with passion and energy, even if the energy seems quiet.

Images are so powerful because they can say so much, and the message conveyed  can differ depending on the seer.

And I believe that Images are made more powerful depending on the context.

It’s interesting to see the Western interpretation of Muslim Fashion. There’s that intrigue and allure to the mysterious. There’s that notion to see what’s under that cloth.

I am, however, excited about Middle Eastern Women being represented.

with that being said i repeat, I hope to see more diversity with regard to representation of various Cultures present on the runways, in magazines, in ads, catalogs, etc.

Identity, Consumerism, Culture, Politics, let’s not fool ourselves, this is what Fashion is all about.

We all just want to see ourselves represented more.

I also must applaud the various independent blogs and online mags doing a Great job of this.

Keep going!

7 responses to “Muslim Chic”

  1. Thanks for portraying moslem girl in different light. As a moslem and wearing hijab, I find nothing is hard in being myself. I hope more girls will realize that your style is not the way what most people wear but how it fits the real you

  2. “with that being said i repeat, I hope to see more diversity with regard to representation of various Cultures present on the runways, in magazines, in ads, catalogs, etc.”

    Love it. Great article and thoughts.
    As Americans, we only have a small idea of what life is really like for women in the Middle East.
    It’s time for us to view them as individual women with their own sense of style and fashion, and not something to be afraid of or feel bad for. I will not ignore the stigma attached to women wearing burkas and the oppression that does exist, but, I can also see the beauty of leaving something to be revealed and the years of tradition that they are upholding. There is nothing quite as beautiful as the exotic fabrics, rich colors, and designs from the Middle East.

    • Thank You Jakki. I hope to encourage dialogue among cultures. We share similar struggles and outlooks and it is ok when we differ. My hope is to inspire a connection to build and learn and grow.

  3. This would be okay if wearing a burqa was a choice for
    Muslim women.Prior to Taliban,quite a few women in Afghanistan wore
    western-style clothing.Having to put on the burqa again was
    oppressive.-A new tren taking place in Chechnya where women are
    being harassed,peleted with paint bombs for not wearing head
    scarfs. I think until it is not forced upon women-especially such a
    large majority-blogs like this hailing the burqa should be
    refrained. – Not to mention that McDONALDS is a highly unethical
    big money corporation McDonald’s is one of countless supreme
    corporations with investments in ample plots of land in poor
    countries,removing the poor farmers that live there growing food
    for the people.

    • … Not to mention that McDonalds routinely discriminates
      against employing women who insists on wearing their burqas…. But
      the showing of Muslim women and their traditional dress in a
      fashionable and happy light was refreshing.

  4. Amazing post … This just reminds me of the terrible
    scenes in the Sex in the City 2 where these American women came to
    save and liberate the women of Abu Dhabi – women who they had
    already made fun of and disrespected earlier in the movie. It was
    in such terrible taste and was embarrassing to know that this movie
    would be shown all over the world as an aspect of American culture.
    I’m actually a SATC fan so to this move was disappointing. However,
    I’m glad that Muslim women are getting their respect in other media
    spaces. The older I get, the more I see that there is a certain
    sexiness fashion-wise that can come with conservative dressing.
    I’ve always been one to wear headwraps but I’ve been wearing my
    scarves a tad differently since I recently shaved off all my hair
    and I’m noticed I’m getting mistaken for Muslim, which is a pretty
    cool thing because that’s never happened before until this
    momentous hair transition (and covering). I’m happy to see this
    post for a variety of reasons. Much respect, Vio

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