Germany gears up for twin ethical fashion fairs

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Sustainable fashion makers will showcase their latest creations at the forthcoming editions of the world’s two leading concurrent B2B eco-fashion trade fairs—Ethical Fashion Show Berlin (EFSB) and Greenshowroom.
Scheduled to be held during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin (MBFWB), the two simultaneous fairs, which will take place from July 8 to10, 2014, will feature a wide variety of street, denim and casual wear lines indicating a strong unwavering focus on ecology and ethics without compromising on good designs.
Based around dominant themes like recycling and upcycling, the twin fairs will serve as a networking platform for clothiers, fashion journalists, distributors and other industry insiders interested in contemporary eco-friendly and socially responsible fashion.

Slated to be hosted at Berlin Mitte-based location ewerk, the sixth installment of EFSB would highlight designs from leading international labels, including Ahimsa, Interloom, Mud Jeans, Natural Cotton Color, Pure Green Apparel, Sey Organic Jeans, Goodforall, Pälää, Komodo and Miss Green.
The dual event’s fairly produced, sustainable and entirely high fashion-dedicated exhibit Greenshowroom, which will present exquisite clothing designs from names like Silke Handley and Birgit Sophie Metzger Hat Couture, would be hosted at the Kronprinzenpalais palace, Berlin.

Other than the display of latest environment-friendly garments, the fairs will also host lectures, panel discussions and special events related to topics based on the current developments in the sustainable fashion sector.
The bi-annual MBFWB is scheduled to take place from July 8 to 11, 2014. The event will showcase Spring/Summer season trends from a host of young and well-established labels such as Frida Weyer and Julian Zigerli.

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